IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things ( Industry 4.0)

The IIOT and industrial 4.0 revolution has made machines to speak data about various parameters and Kramah has developed a solution called KSpeak Machine which can talk about any elevator issues before they can become in operable.


Our hardware software solution can be installed with less time and immediately can monitor your elevator car. This KSpeak machine is a proven technology for predictive analysis and know the situations ( Issues ) before any major problems occurs.

Benefits of KSpeak Machine –

The benefit of Kspeak machine are :-

1. Know the health of the machine/elevator before a major derail happens

2. The machine data of the elevator car automatically sends a warning message to the service provider thereby prompting him to check the elevator parameters way before any disaster occurs.

3. The precious human life and disaster of elevator falling from a higher floor, can be minimized.

4. Safety and quality of the elevators and major accidents can be prevented.

5. Re-tension of customers for the elevator OEM company becomes no more a challenge.

6. Elevator maintenance is very easy and not so difficult.

7. Cost of knowing about the health of the machine before it becomes in operable causing lots of damage to people and public at large will get reduced by using Kspeak machine.