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Cyber Security Role: SW Developer/ Engineer

  • 3 & above years
  • Exemplary expertise in Embedded SW development using C language
  • Strong Hands-on experience in SW development for 16/32 bit microcontrollers
  • Minimum 3 years of experience with AUTOSAR Crypto stack (CSM, CRYIF, Crypto drivers): Wrapper development, Integration and Configuration
    Strong Hands-on experience on Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptography and corresponding algorithms(minimum SHA, RSA , AES, Diffie-Hellman-Algorithm etc)
  • Strong Hands-on experience in CS features development like Secure flashing, Secure Boot, SecOC , Secure Debug etc.
  • Strong Hands-on experience in Hardware based cryptographic solutions like HSM, SHE,CRY etc and also using Software libraries
  • Good experience in Pen and Fuzz testing would be added advantage
  • Having experienced with understanding of AUTOSAR architecture, BSW SW, Vector Cryotostack, Integration, configuration, tools and methodology would be added advantage
  • Expertise in cross compilers and debuggers like Lauterbach
  • Good experience in setting up SW build environment to generate various target based product files – make, link

Cyber Security SW Test Engineer

  • 3 & above years
  • Experience in Testing CAN /CANFD/Flexray communications
  • Experience in Testing UDS services (14229)
  • Good experience in Pen and Fuzz testing would be added advantage
  • Tools : Canalyzer/CANoe, canape, Debugger, VFlash
  • Script: Capl, python
  • Standards: ISO/SAE 21434, ASPICE
  • Experience in Testing Bootloader, Software Flashing, and SecOC

Autosar Software Engineer

  • 4 Years and Above
  • C and embedded SW development
  • SW debugging on target hardware
  • Unit testing & Integration testing
  • AUTOSAR BSW module development, including complex device drivers
  • Expertise in Vehicle Comms, Diagnostics, Fault Management, Error Handler, Variant Coding
  • AUTOSAR based application development
  • MISRA-C coding practice, static analysis tools, unit testing tools, etc.
  • CAN (CANape, CANoe, CAN analyzer) tools
  • SW Architecture Design using Rhapsody tool
  • Functional safety standards
  • Good to have experience in PTC (version control tool)

HIL Test Engineer

  • HIL Test Engineer/Validation
  • Years of Experience: 3 years and above
  • Hands on experience in Hardware-In-Loop Benches (dSPACE/Opal RT/NI/ETAS etc.)
  • Experience in Control Desk/Automation Desk/INCA etc.
  • Experience in Development of Test Cases/Test Procedures/Test scripts from Requirements and Vehicle Functional Specification documents
  • Experience in Model Based Design and Testing of control systems using Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow
  • Experience with CAN/LIN Tools (CANoe/CANape /CANalyzer etc.)
  • Experience in Diagnostic Protocols/Standards (UDS/OBD)
  • Hands on experience in vehicle communication protocols like CAN/LIN/FlexRay
  • Good Programming/Scripting Skills using C/Python/Perl/M-scripts
  • Capability to understand Vehicle Functional requirements and ECU schematics
  • Software Debugging Experience
  • Knowledge on Electronic Product Development and Testing of Automotive ECUs (BCM/Chassis/Powertrain etc.)
  • Capability to understand Vehicle topology and Architecture
  • Experience in using Git/GitHub
  • Good Communication skills and presentation skills

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