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Kramah is a 7 year old company specializing in IIoT Industrial Internet of Things ,Health care ,Life Sciences,Pharmacovigilance & Accreditation products for Education.

We have  NAAC , NBA and NIRF Software for Higher Education for colleges and Universities be it Degree Colleges,Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges ,Dental, Nursing ,Paramedical Colleges /Universities .

Health-Care and Life sciences  domain, We help Healthcare and Life Sciences companies in Research for improving the speed of research using Platform-AS -A Service called Ki-PAAS.

K-PV is a product for Pharmacovigilance & drug safety which helps building PSUR,DSUR,PDRER for compliance.

Manufacturing is another domain that we support with IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) .Kramah has built its own IIOT platform K-SpeakMachine for Industry 4.o. This is integrated hardware and software solution from Kramah works in Manufacturing, Operations ,Engineering and Maintanence.


 We  within our alliance, are companies of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful recipe for success.

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