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Ki-AAIUS Software

Achieving international triple crown accreditation is a hallmark of excellence for universities and business schools. Explore Ki-AAIUS to streamline your accreditation journey.

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Ki-NAAC Software

Elevate your institution's NAAC accreditation process with Ki-NAAC, our cloud-based analytics software. It's customized as per the recent NAAC manual, automatically generating SSR for your convenience.

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Ki-NIRF Software

Manage your NIRF ranking data effortlessly with Kramah's AI-Enabled NIRF Ranking Software. Simplify your efforts and improve your institution's ranking.

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Ki-NBA/OBE Software

Our cloud-based accreditation analytics software for colleges and universities, customized according to the latest NBA manual. It also auto-generates SAR for your convenience.

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Ki-RAP Software

Empower Your Hiring Process with Intelligence. Ki-RAP is your go-to solution for revolutionizing your recruitment process. Whether you're a company seeking top talent or a recruiting agency streamlining your operations, Ki-RAP is here to help.

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