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Streamline NAAC Accreditation with Ease

Welcome to Ki-NAAC, your cloud-based accreditation analytics software tailored for colleges and universities.
Our cutting-edge solution is meticulously customized to align with the latest NAAC manual, ensuring a seamless accreditation journey for your institution. Discover the key benefits and differentiators that make Ki-NAAC the ultimate choice for accreditation excellence.


Ki-NAAC Dashboard

Our Ki-NAAC dashboard is your control center for a seamless NAAC accreditation experience. Gain access to essential features such as the NAAC report portal, Master Data Management (MDM), SSR report generation, criteria allotment, and user login creation. Monitor progress, streamline tasks, and empower your institution to excel in the accreditation process.

Elevate accreditation success with Ki-NAAC software by Kramah. Streamline processes for a seamless journey. Explore now!

Criteria Dashboard

Experience the convenience of managing NAAC criteria seamlessly within our Ki-NAAC software dashboard. This intuitive tool empowers you to navigate the NAAC Criteria Dashboard effortlessly, ensuring your institution's compliance and competitive edge.

Accreditation Analytics Software by Kramah Software

Ki-NAAC Dashboard

Our Ki-NAAC Criteria Dashboard is your gateway to efficient accreditation management. Monitor your institution's Quality and Quantity Metrics (QnM) and Quality Index Metrics (QIM) status, access approval history, and effortlessly manage supportive documents. With this user-friendly interface, stay in control of your accreditation journey.

Benefits of Ki-NAAC Software

  1. Informed Insights: Gain a deep understanding of your institution’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities through an insightful review process
  2. Scorecard Enhancement: Improve your institution’s score and compliance with accreditation standards, elevating the quality of education.
  3. Gap Identification: Easily identify gaps in your accreditation progress over the years, enabling targeted improvements.
  4. Efficiency Boost: Free up valuable time for your professors by simplifying the handling of quantitative and qualitative data.
  5. Expert Validation: Rely on the expertise of our domain specialists, who verify and validate document compliance.
  6. Seamless Data Management: Effortlessly upload and download data to the NAAC portal, ensuring compliance with templates.
  7. Guided Documentation: Access sample documents for qualitative metrics, serving as a helpful guideline during the documentation process.
  8. Pre-application Scoring: Obtain an overview of your NAAC points even before applying on the NAAC Portal.
  9. ICT Empowerment: Embrace ICT enablement for your institution, enhancing technological capabilities.
  10. Efficient Delegation: Subdivide tasks among your professors based on criteria and metrics, streamlining the accreditation process.

Our Differentiators

  1. Statutory Educational Body Compliance:
    We align with the accreditation criteria of Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations, ensuring compliance with new metrics and guidelines.
  2. Comprehensive Training:
    Our dedicated team provides training, guidance, and assistance for deploying and uploading digital documents, simplifying the accreditation process.
  3. Remote Accessibility:
    Top management can remotely access Ki-NAAC to monitor institutional progress beyond accreditation.
  4. KPI Augmentation:
    Ki-NAAC enhances all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as prescribed by Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations.
  5. Criteria Monitoring:
    Administrators can monitor dashboards and analyses for each accreditation criterion.
  6. Individual Assignment:
    Criteria can be assigned individually to users, optimizing workflow management.
  7. Interlinked Data:
    All data within Ki-NAAC is interlinked, meeting the qualitative and quantitative requirements of Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations.

Disclaimer: As a software development company, we assist educational institutions in achieving successful documentation and data collection through our accreditation automated software. It’s important to note that we do not guarantee specific grades, provide consultancy services, or manipulate data for different accreditations.

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