Ki-NAAC Software

It’s a cloud-based accreditation Analytics software for all colleges and Universities customized as per the recent NAAC manual which will auto generate SSR which can be downloaded.

NAAC Software

Benefits of this NAAC Software:

  • Using this product, you can know the institution strengths, weakness and opportunities through an informed review process.
  • Using this product, you can improve your score and scorecard also designed so that the compliances of all such accreditation can go higher and qualities also maintained.
    you can easily find out the gap between the years.
  • This will not only free up time for your professors but also help them in working with quantitative and qualitative data very quickly and very easily.
  • Compliance of documents provided have been verified and validated by our domain experts.
  • You can easily upload and download the data to NAAC portal but template should be same.
  • Sample Documents have also been provided for qualitative metrics so that it acts as a guideline when filling up the quail metrics.
  • Scoring of points in NAAC will be available before you apply on the NAAC Portal.
  • Taking this NAAC Software will make you ICT enabled.
  • Also sub divide the work to your professors like criteria wise and metrics wise

Our Differentiators in comparison with Other competitors in the market:


1) We have designed the Accreditation Analytics Tool keeping accreditation criteria of Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations. Our tool is in compliance with new metrics of Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations. The upgraded tool will empower the users to self assess on their own as per revised Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations guidelines.

2) Our team will train the internal stake holders, handhold the deployment of documentation and assist for uploading of your digital documents as prescribed by the Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations portal and in the required formats, beyond which our role is limited.

3) Accreditation Analytics Tool is remotely accessible by top management to review the progress of the institution beyond accreditation.

4) The Accreditation Analytics Tool is designed to augment all KPI’s as prescribed by Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations guidelines.

5) Accreditation Analytics Tool administrators will be able to monitor dashboard and analyses for each of the criteria.

6) Assignment of criteria can be made individually to users.

7) Our USP is all of the data is interlinked as per qualitative and quantitative requirements of Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations.

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