Ki-NBA & Ki-OBE Software

It is a cloud-based Accreditation Analytics software customized to sync with the recent NBA manual.

Colleges and Universities can use this to auto generate SAR.

NBA & OBE Accreditation Software

Why Should You Use Our Ki-NBA and Ki-OBE?

• Find the gaps in the current criteria and sub-criteria and address them with ease. Boost your college scoring!
• Upload the SAR document and submit the same to the NBA board. Self Assessment Reporting was never this easy.
• Auto-calculate and generate reports in no time. Focus on your core tasks while our Ki-NBA does all that is required for accreditation.
• Allows for decentralization, saving a lot of time in the process.
• Getting program attainment and course attainment for all courses and programs is like a walk in the park with our perfectly designed Ki-OBE software.
• PO-CO (Program Outcome- Course Outcome) mapping does the internal (indirect) assessment and external (direct) assessment.

Key Features of Kramah NBA Software:

  • The automated scoring gives a ballpark understanding of how scoring is achieved. It will give you a bird’s view of your scoring.
  • Each criterion is shared across various users in your organization, making way for decentralization. This also increases the accountability of the users.
  • The management can get a clear picture since they have access to the entire data with proof, across all criteria.
  • The portal’s criteria allotment eases out the transferability of work.
  • The 3-year consolidated data can be as well used for other accreditation purposes.
  • The digital information can be downloaded and used for AISHE, AICTE, NAAC, NIRF UGC and other governing bodies.
  • The head of the institution will receive alerts on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis if there are any gaps for that particular year
  • The data and proof can be digitally and instantly accessed. This makes the NBA committee meetings and steering committee meetings less time consuming and more focused. The peer review committee also finds it easier to review data at the end of three years.
  • Say goodbye to local server and network issues. Our entire Accreditation and Analytics portal is on cloud!
  • Download data from our portal and upload it to the NBA portal anytime without having to make any changes.
  • Ki-NBA is compatible. Use desktop, laptop or mobile, your choice!
  • The software is SSL certified and the portal is 128-bit encrypted.

Key Features of Kramah OBE Software:

  • Designed for Engineering and MBA programs. However medical colleges can also calculate PEO, PSO, Program Attainment and Bloom’s level. ‘Knowhow’, ‘Perform’, and ‘Knowledge’ are the levels used to determine in medical courses.
  • This software can be used for internal as well as external processes such as surveys, feedback, and internal tests, for each of the courses and programs
  • Internal tests with marks can be uploaded directly from Excel sheets. Since the software does all the calculations, it saves a lot of time for the individual faculty.
  • Course objectives for all courses along with the program objectives can be uploaded from an Excel sheet to Ki-OBE software
  • The dashboard reporting is available for administrators to check where they are in each program
  • Notification can be sent to each user based on the percentage covered
  • Reports can be downloaded from the software and emailed to users
  • Compatible with multiple digital devices.
  • Automatic calculation of all course attainments and program attainments.
  • Bloom’s Level Report
  • Dashboard contains all attainments irrespective of the programs
  • Easy interface to upload question papers and marks, both internal and external
  • An easier and faster way to map Course Objectives to Program Objectives.
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