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At Kramah Software, our mission is to empower educational institutions, universities, and business schools with Accreditation and Ranking Solutions Excellence, propelling them toward unparalleled success. Our cutting-edge software is meticulously crafted to streamline accreditation processes and catapult your institution to higher rankings. Through a comprehensive suite of innovative products, we revolutionize the educational landscape, ensuring seamless accreditation management and performance optimization.

Accreditation and Ranking

Our Accreditation and Ranking Solutions Excellence portfolio is designed to be a transformative force in the academic realm. By leveraging advanced technology, we provide institutions the tools to navigate accreditation requirements effortlessly, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Achieve excellence in accreditation protocols and elevate your institution’s standing with our tailor-made solutions.

At Kramah, we understand the pivotal role that accreditation and rankings play in the educational ecosystem. Our commitment is to empower you with the tools necessary to not only meet but exceed these standards, unlocking a new era of success and recognition. Embrace the future of education with Kramah Software, where Accreditation and Ranking Solutions Excellence redefine institutional achievement.

Disclaimer: As a software development company, we assist educational institutions in achieving successful documentation and data collection through our accreditation automated software. It’s important to note that we do not guarantee specific grades, provide consultancy services, or manipulate data for different accreditations.

Our Products

Cloud Based Personalized Software Suited For Your Needs.

Ki-AAIUS Software

Achieving international triple crown accreditation is a hallmark of excellence for universities and business schools. Explore Ki-AAIUS to streamline your accreditation journey.

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Ki-NAAC Software

Elevate your institution's NAAC accreditation process with Ki-NAAC, our cloud-based analytics software. It's customized as per the recent NAAC manual, automatically generating SSR for your convenience.

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Ki-NIRF Software

Manage your NIRF ranking data effortlessly with Kramah's AI-Enabled NIRF Ranking Software. Simplify your efforts and improve your institution's ranking.

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Ki-NBA/OBE Software

Our cloud-based accreditation analytics software for colleges and universities, customized according to the latest NBA manual. It also auto-generates SAR for your convenience.

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Ki-RAP Software

Empower Your Hiring Process with Intelligence. Ki-RAP is your go-to solution for revolutionizing your recruitment process. Whether you're a company seeking top talent or a recruiting agency streamlining your operations, Ki-RAP is here to help.

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