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Why NIRF Rank is crucial for your institution?

India has one of the largest and most diversified education systems in the world. In order to improve the quality and public accountability of the institution, the NIRF ranking is prevailing.

NIRF ranking was rolled out to implement a ranking system for the higher education system.

Here we will be covering the added advantages that a NIRF ranking can bring to your Institution

Benefits of NIRF Ranking for an Institution:

  • Improves Student Enrolment:

Students consider a lot of aspects of an institution before applying for admission. In recent years NIRF has also evolved to be a key parameter in making informed decisions in selecting their choice of institution.

  • Clarity on Standard of Institution:

NIRF provides clarity about the standard of courses delivered and the standard of education an institution provides.

  • Elevates the Global Ranking of the Institution:

NIRF Ranking Procedure helps in leveraging the performance of the institution for international ranking aspects and results in providing more career opportunities for students.

  • Provides Feedback

Ranking helps the institutions to understand their weak areas, which helps in implementing corrective measures for further improvements in weak areas.

How Does our Software Ki-NIRF help you?

Now that work towards moving up in the next NIRF Ranking. While this process becomes more challenging, the tool you choose can make a big difference. At Kramah we help you holistically manage your NIRF ranking data and efforts inch by inch

Ki-NIRF, Kramah’s NIRF Ranking AI-enabled automated software makes your job easier.