Ki-NAAC is a software accreditation tool that helps universities and colleges, whether it is basically a health science university or general university or medical college, dental college, engineering college, or general college affiliated colleges.

Ki-NAAC has been a resource that has been used by top customers of Kramah such asBITS-Birla Institute of technology and science, Nitte Deemed to Be University, JP, Jivaji, Chaudhary Charan SinghUniversity lot of universities are using our tool andwe have been pioneers in making sure that universities colleges get the help in order to make theirprocesses easier and what needs to be done for NAAC has been incorporated by our research. How to ease the process of data collection. Data management has been incorporated, how to make sure that the SOP guidelines are followed, and what kind of information is required on documentation. So information like how to present those documents are also been the highlights of Ki-NAAC software.

Please talk to our experts and avail help to get yourself better grades and help your university or college get into a better quality cycle.

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Dr. Rajeev C Raghunath
Kramah Software India Pvt Ltd

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