Heathcare Software Development

Heathcare Software Development

We provide custom Healthcare Software Development Services to healthcare organizations, doctors and patients to improve their outcomes, provide remote care and automate medical workflows with emerging tech. From prototyping to healthcare software development, deployment and maintenance, we provide you a complete range of software engineering services.
For more than 10 years Kramah has been working with Digital Health pioneers and established healthcare delivery organizations to empower all phases of their software development lifecycle.

Digital Health Custom Application Development

As the digitization of healthcare industry is underway, Kramah is working with medical and life sciences companies to help them reinvent their operations and establish reliable software infrastructure that’s amenable to change and innovation.
We provide custom healthcare software development services to create technological solutions that improve the efficiency of hospital workflows, facilitate drug discovery, and boost patient engagement with the ultimate goal of delivering more personalized, preventive care.
Kramah’s digital health clientele ranges from large hospitals to disruptive start-ups. Our clients deliver solutions to empower or optimize various areas of healthcare – and Kramah enhances our client’s abilities to reduce time to market and associated risks.

What We Do?

Within our Digital Health combo, clients can take advantage of all these service offerings

AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare

We have a Expertise in developing Healthcare Software Using AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning has been around for decades, but fuelled by emergence of big data, it has started gaining significant traction in digital health. Healthcare providers and payers have seen enormous volumes of both structured and unstructured data, generated through various manual and automated sources: electronic health record systems (EHRs), medical devices, claims and billing systems, and pharma research, to name a few. With that data organized and stored in databases, data warehouses and data lakes, a need has emerged to build algorithms, processes, software and models to turn this raw data into actionable knowledge, consumable by healthcare providers so they could better drive clinical and financial outcomes.
Recognizing specific patterns and building predictive models is now widely used in risk adjustment for prospective payments, image processing, personalized medicine, clinical decision support and surveillance/alerting extending to mobile devices. Our digital health practice employs trained biostatisticians, software engineers with majors in Artificial Intelligence and ML (Machine Learning) / DL (Deep Learning)