Cloud Consulting & Engineering

Cloud Consulting and Engineering Services

Transform your IT solutions with best practices of cloud computing services.

Moving data and business processes into new cloud or hybrid data environments presents the transformative first step in helping our client organizations achieve a more mature, 21st century enterprise. Kramah’s Cloud Engineering Services employ strategic planning, modern data architecture, big data technology, and agile analytics to best enable your future-facing cloud or hybrid environment. Our cloud engineering consultants resolve pain points within current data storage infrastructure and help our clients to break free from rigid data center constraints to achieve more efficient and accessible frameworks that can scale up and down on demand. Our team is ready to help you unlock the potential of your business with cloud engineering principles that breathe new life and insights into your enterprise.

How Kramah Software can help you!

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Migration Services

A free initial consultation is offered to assess your business needs. We’re experts at delivering cloud readiness assessments – consulting services supporting technical assessment and migration. Clients are efficiently served by the architecture and roadmap, emphasizing proof of concept development

We provide cloud consultancy services for handling data migration from hardware and physical storage to the cloud. We deliver cloud migration consulting services, application migration, and data migration. Additionally, a SWOT analysis is provided

Cloud Development Services

Cloud Security Services

Cloud-based development involves developing applications and cloud computing solutions on web-based platforms. In addition, it provides cloud-native software development, containerized applications, and multi-tenant cloud solutions. Hence, cloud development services integration helps your businesses to grow, reduce IT costs and improve performance.

Cloud security consulting or engineering is provided to safeguard your hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments. With regular compliance and security, data encryption is achieved.