Ki-LMS Software

What we do and how you will benefit:

Our state-of-the-art Learning Management application is easy to use and enables you to manage all activities related to curriculum and student evaluation. It is designed to cater to the needs of everyone involved in the process. Our brilliantly designed LMS software is a blend of the best brains and technology!

Why Ki LMS?

For Faculty

  • Effortlessly conduct live virtual classes without compromising on the quality of teaching. Connect with students and complete the syllabus on time even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Share audio, video, presentation and chat with the students to promote better learning
  • Built-in polling that enables recording of lectures
  • Presenters can zoom, highlight, draw and write on presentations. These features enhance the effectiveness of remote teaching.
  • Schedule classes, quizzes, tests and assignments for various grades. Can design both MCQs and descriptive questions easily. Instant results.
  • Collaborative system to ensure learning truly happens
  • Any number of webcams can be shared in a session (limited by bandwidth only)
  • Can create groups for team collaboration
  • Automatic attendance of students in the virtual class, with the facility to send daily report to the parents
  • Analytics reporting systems embedded
  • Online examination process, across all faculties

For Students

  • Access pre-recorded audio and video classes anytime
  • Submit assignments online
  • Take up tests and exams conveniently
  • Continuous learning through various digital formats and communication tools

For Administrators

  • Modules that support campus automation can be linked to Ki-LMS, enabling automatic generation of reports required for administration.
  • An integrated solution for administrators, teachers, students and other users
  • Ki-LMS can be integrated with NAAC/NIRF applications to avoid duplication of data.

Additional Features:

  • An attractive dashboard
  • Calendar with important notifications and links to concerned events
  • Courses with detailed information and books required for the same
  • Links to online exams according to the schedule
  • Users can send public and private messages. The multi-user whiteboard is an added attraction.
  • Users can hold visual meetings along with the option to share screens

Our Differentiators in comparison with Other competitors in the market:


1) We have designed the Accreditation Analytics Tool keeping accreditation criteria of Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations. Our tool is in compliance with new metrics of Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations. The upgraded tool will empower the users to self assess on their own as per revised Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations guidelines.

2) Our team will train the internal stake holders, handhold the deployment of documentation and assist for uploading of your digital documents as prescribed by the Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations portal and in the required formats, beyond which our role is limited.

3) Accreditation Analytics Tool is remotely accessible by top management to review the progress of the institution beyond accreditation.

4) The Accreditation Analytics Tool is designed to augment all KPI’s as prescribed by Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations guidelines.

5) Accreditation Analytics Tool administrators will be able to monitor dashboard and analyses for each of the criteria.

6) Assignment of criteria can be made individually to users.

7) Our USP is all of the data is interlinked as per qualitative and quantitative requirements of Statutory Educational Bodies/Organizations.



This can be configured for Schools , Colleges,Universities and Training Companies  based on the requirements.

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