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Achieving accreditation is a hallmark of excellence for international universities and business schools.

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What we do the best:

With international accreditations, It is very difficult for people to identify and achieve International accreditations. We help achieve these international accreditations with ease through our worldwide expertise in Accreditations.

Our experts help identify the gaps, bring out the best solutions and work with you to see them through.

Our international experts are adept at bringing out the best in the organization and seeing through, how challenges can be mitigated.

Our Ki-AI-ML Accreditation Analytics Software not only guides you through all trenches but also avoids you to not to concentrate on the unimportant details and traps. We provide complete support for all your international accreditations with an in-depth understanding of the higher education environment.

Dealing with multiple business school accreditations, Institutional accreditation can be challenging.   Whilst the underlying data may be similar, the requirements of each professional body are different. So Kramah s Ki – AI-ML Accreditation Analytics Software provides a realm to integrate all of the accreditations with ease, as each of the requirements can be ported from one accreditation body to another with ease.

Kramah’s Ki-AI-ML is uniquely designed for institutional effectiveness and empowers higher education Institutions to prepare for their institutional and programmatic accreditations.

We are there for you every step of the way.

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